Dress For Our Time is a project by Professor Helen Storey, an artist, designer and researcher at Centre for Sustainable Fashion a University of the Arts London research centre based at London College of Fashion.

Helen uses the power of fashion to communicate and act upon some of the world's most complex issues, notably climate change and the mass displacement of people.

The dress is created from a decommissioned UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) refugee tent that once housed a displaced Syrian family at Za'atari Camp in Jordan, and was gifted to the project by UNHCR.  In giving the tent a second life, it endows this public art installation with an unbreakable bond to humanity and represents the importance of nurturing and protecting all people and safeguarding generations to come.

It is a symbol of what it means to be human and the precarious nature of our existence.

"It's rare that there's a piece of fashion which is designed not to influence what you buy but to shift the way you think. Its even rarer to find a piece created to promote the discussion of climate science.  But that's Helen Storey for you."
- Lucy Siegle, The Guardian


The dress has digitally displayed scientific data, which showed us the impact of climate change on our physical world, broadened the dialogue around migration, highlighting the millions of displaced people and the paths they take in search of a better life.

To date the dress has been shown at UK venues and internationally, including St Pancras International train station, UN Geneva, Science Museum London, Glastonbury Music FestivalThe Peace Talks in London and Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference. The tour continues, please visit the projects events page to find out more.

Through fashion, science and wonder the project seeks to help change the way we think and act!

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