In 2012, Helen brought together collaborators and supporters including Holition, Unilever, Met Office, UNHCR UK and the Universities of Sheffield, Exeter and Kingston - all with very different backgrounds in science, business, education, technology, humanitarian work and fashion, to explore ways to engender a public debate about our most critical challenges.

The conversation began with climate change and the UNCOP21 Paris Climate Summit 2015, as the focus, and explored how we as a species are, or are not, responding to climate change and why.  A date kept reoccurring during the discussion, the tipping point for us a species - 2020, and this date has changed everything for Helen.

The link between the refugee crisis and climate change is set to define how our species responds to this next phase of our evolution and the project, which started as a work of art to raise awareness and encourage debate, has now led to a 5 year path of front line practical action.