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Today we are launching ‘Look Mum No Future’ - a social media campaign, which will shine a light onto ‘Dress For Our Time’ and invite people to join with us in finding new ways to help us wake up, dig deep and inspire each other to bring to the surface what a brilliant and inventive species we are.

It’s time to put our imaginations to work in a new way.

We are the first generation to know about climate change and the last to be able to do anything about it. So doing nothing, is not an option anymore, whether that’s governments, industry, or us as individuals.

This isn’t depressing, this isn’t about doom - this is about being as alive as we may ever be.

The title for our campaign came from a photo taken at the New York climate change march – a Dad holding his daughter aloft by the legs, raised above her head she holds a hand drawn placard with the words, “Look Mum No Future” – it may not have been written by her, but it has been read by many and it’s hard to turn away from.

Finding the language is hard, our multiple approaches and outlook on life mean that words will work to engage and inspire some but to others they will fall flat and make people turn away. Finding the language and the answers however, ultimately comes from within us.

Today we have asked the very talented Lou Teasdale to kick us into action. We have asked her to share an image of herself as a child – evoking a sense of nostalgia, and glimpsing a snapshot of a time before we knew about climate change. It also provokes the question about what kind of future we are leaving for our children.  Like the girl held aloft by her Dad asking the question – is it really a case of Look Mum No Future – or can we as individuals and nations come together to secure our future?  Lou has nominated three of her friends to continue the campaign and over the coming weeks our supporters will be sharing #LookMumNoFuture and spreading the word about Climate Change and Dress for Our Time. Please join with us and Lou in posting your own picture on Instagram or Twitter.

This is an experiment to alter what we allow into our minds and what we are prepared to stand for and we will continue to create interventions, events, dialogue, forum and space to keep our new relationship to our future alight.

If civilization is a race between creativity and catastrophe, we were made for this challenge - we were born with the stuff that can turn this around, maybe not the whole world at once, but your world at once.

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